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Chapter 193

  • Storm's POV
  • With my right hand covering my eyes, my body rested on the couch inside our hotel room. My breathing a little unstable, something I have been suffering lately after Cali and I had broken up. And of course, I knew why. 
  • Anxiety, it's starting to succumb within me. And none of my members noticed. At least for now. 
  • This isn't new to me anyway. Ever since I am someone who had suffered from depression and anxiety and has been vocal about it. And in my whole existence, the only times I pretended I was okay were the times when she's no longer mine. 
  • The first time, I thought it broke me. I thought I lost myself. The days were suffocating. Everything felt so dull and black. 
  • If not for the boys, my family, and our fans, I'm not even sure how I was able to survive each day without breaking down. 
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