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Chapter 205

  • Cali's POV
  • "Cali..." the girls spread their arms and engulfing me in a hug. My lips quiver and I felt them brushing my hair and rubbing my back. 
  • It has been three days after the incident in which Storm had to leave the house after our managers decided it's best that we part ways after what happened. 
  • Everybody was frantic and I was so out of it that Storm had to call me every now and then to make sure everything was okay. His focus was all on me, how I was doing, if I've already eaten.  He was so selfless I feel like I don't deserve him. 
  • Our boss didn't talk to me.  I was never called to the seventh floor. Instead, a lot of meetings had happened and Storm told me they're trying to figure things out. What it is or their plans, I don't have any idea until we saw the articles on the internet about Sky and Max's relationship. 
  • Photos of their dates were shown. I was surprised to see multiple photos taken on multiple occasions too. So now I wonder if Boss had a lot of instances in which reporters are sending photos of them and he just works his ways just so it wouldn't be revealed to the public. 
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