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Chapter 201

  • Cali's POV
  • "Oh, God..." I pulled Storm by the hair as I arched my body, the sensation filling my system more than enough for me to lose my shit. 
  • The sound of us catching our breaths filling the room is music to my ears. Every moan, every growl Storm does sends my libido up so high I don't know how long I can keep up. 
  • We were both lost in ecstasy, a wonderful feeling deliciously wilding up my consciousness over and over. 
  • With a few more thrusts, I felt my insides getting filled, my hands gripping his hair as I reach my own climax and shake from orgasm myself. I felt him collapse on top of me, both catching our breath. 
  • A smile came across my lips as I felt him kiss the top of my head. 
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