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Chapter 178 Book 4 Unbidden

  • 2014
  • Cali's POV
  • "What? Stop laughing!" I rolled my eyes over Zanaya who kept on laughing at my state. I was video calling her since today's shoot for the MV I was involved with just recently ended.
  • It ended earlier than usual which means I can go home. Tough luck though, there was an emergency and the manager who accompanied me for the shoot had to go back to the building because there had been a conflict of schedule.
  • So now I'm left alone, patiently waiting when I will be picked up. I could have gone alone but my ankle is swollen. Due to my carelessness, I slipped at one scene and since I was wearing some heels, I sprained my ankle a little.
  • I've already tried contacting the manager and I was told to wait and they'll fetch me once everything was settled. So now I'm camping on the stairs within the fire exit to hide from all of those people outside.
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