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Chapter 142 Book 3 Free Fall

  • Max's POV
  • "Cali, let's go! Zaya was alone," I mumble in worry as we slowly went out of the stage to head back to our dressing room.
  • After so many years of training, the four of us, Zanaya, California, Tokyo and I finally debuted as a girl group under the name WHISTLE.
  • It wasn’t an easy feat and being a celebrity is really hard. In an industry where girl groups get to debut from other big and small agencies, we were lucky enough to survive on our own.
  • BP Entertainment, our agency is known to be one of the biggest agencies in the country. That is probably the reason why it is even harder to debut because you get to train with a lot more people making the competition even more harsh.
  • For years, I had to send a few of my friends’ home because they failed the producer’s evaluation. That is how hard to be an idol and artist.
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