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Chapter 141 Epilogue 02

  • Tokyo's POV
  • "What? I don't like her. So let her leave and go inside the house. Your father is waiting," she said coldly and I felt my body shaking, my eyes already glued on the ground.
  • "What the fudge Mom!" he exclaimed. Disappointment and annoyance can clearly be heard on his voice. "What is wrong with you? I thought you wanted to see her?" he stated before grabbing my hand but my body was stiff, frozen from my current spot.
  • "Well I changed my mind. So go inside and we have to talk," she stated, her voice had become stern even more.
  • But I was surprised at Grey's words to her Mom.
  • "No, Mom. I'm not stepping inside that house without my girlfriend. And Mom, please apologize to her. Whether you like her or not, she doesn't deserve to be treated this way or anyone per se. And as far as I can remember, you had never taught me to treat people like shit," he exclaimed and I knew for a fact that he was already fuming in anger.
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