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Chapter 139 Epilogue

  • Tokyo's POV
  • "Oh God, I'm palpitating," my lips pouted at the sight of Zanaya. She was shaking, nervous on what's about to happen.
  • Two weeks ago, little Ashton's face got plastered all over media when the kid accidentally opened a livestream app on Storm 's phone. How he was able to start a live session, we don't have a single clue but denying the baby's existence isn't one of the plausible options at this time.
  • Whoever saw the little kid's face would know he is indeed their child. His face practically scream's Zanaya's face. Well, apart from his eyes whom he's gotten from Seth. Nevertheless, he looks exactly like what their kid should look like.
  • Both of our agencies had been silent about the matter and I think it's because both of their families had spoken about the matter. They were scared and that's understandable. They were thinking about the welfare of the kid.
  • Every one of us agreed that it's the best for little Ashton to be out of the public's eye when he was born. That's because we were afraid he'd be hated. Seth and Zanaya's relationship isn't exactly accepted by many during that time and a whole lot more reasons.
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