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Chapter 53

  • Epilogue
  • "The Lord loves the Lady so much, granny. He is her hero." Little granddaughter exclaimed in joy and clapped her hands.
  • Her granny laughed at the little girl's excitement, "Indeed yes, sweetie. Their love blossomed brightly through coming years. The day Lady Ella woke up was the mark of their happy journey."
  • "Then, Granny? What happened next?" She asked enthusiastically blinking her eyes in great expectation.
  • It was a weird fairy tale to the little girl; but a fairy tale no least. There was a knight in shining armor, there was a sweet beautiful maiden, there was a vicious vamp and not to forget the magic of true love.
  • The granny smiled sweetly at her granddaughter's exhilaration while looking at her with an unknown emotion which the little one could not understand.
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