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Chapter 35

  • When a wave hit rocks, some hardens while some crumbles down. The same goes with people. Not every person gets stronger as life is tested; there are few people who weaken at the force of life.
  • Ella was such to crumble down easily. Life has only tried to bend her, mold her and shape her into an obedient defenseless person and when Blythe threw spiteful words at her, Ella was beyond hurt.
  • She was only trying to know why Blythe was there at the castle working as help and if any, she was thinking to aid Blythe if she was at any uneasy situation. Ella might be a little happy with her new husband but she knew he was dangerous.
  • How dangerous, she had no idea but she could guess the amount of influence he had on all his staff, mainly Blythe.
  • What made a strong girl like Blythe break?
  • No doubt she was still hostile with Ella but the hatred in her eyes was upsetting.
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