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Chapter 22

  • "No, please let me go." Ella was being dragged by the men showing no mercy.
  • Her most horrid fear was coming true. She was being dragged by those men like how she was few years ago. The town members who would never sin by touching her was holding her in tight grip.
  • "Bryon, leave me. Please let me go. I was like your sister till years ago then why are you doing this to me? You are taking me with no good intention, right?" Ella begged him but in vain. The men kept on dragging her like an animal.
  • Ella tried to free her hand from their hold but the man who was holding her from one side, stopped walking and slapped her harshly. Ella stumbled back and eventually fell down on her knees.
  • Though Ella didn't know why they were hauling her, she did understand that it was for no good to her. She knew that the villagers think of her as a bad omen and would not dare to touch her unless it was for their sick contentment.
  • Married women used to close their eyes when she would come in their sight and mother used to cover the eyes of their children so I couldn't cast evil spell on them.
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