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Chapter 21

  • "I'm scared, Gode." Ella pointed out her concern to her friend. She was on the verge of crying but was holding back.
  • How she wish she was never this vulnerable and weak!
  • She wished she was carefree and strong like others.
  • "Scared? Why?" Gode asked in a feigning confusion while she was trying to conceal the twitch at the corner of her lips.
  • "The town." Ella looked out of the small window of her cabin and sighed helplessly. "They are keeping a close eye on me from the past few days. It was as if they are making certain I cannot leave anywhere from here." Ella was getting anxious with the behavior of the villagers.
  • Why were they suddenly so conscious about her? She knew that whenever the villagers were being careful, she was trouble.
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