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Chapter 50

  • What shall he need to do?
  • Xander was feeling guilty for keeping his Ella away from him for five years when he could make her life better from the begin itself. But it was necessary. He was fighting against people who could do anything and could go any length to achieve what they wanted and he did not want Ella to become their bait to capture him.
  • After all the things happened, he couldn't put Ella in danger again. Though she was alone, sad, mourning and depressed all those years, it was better than become a target to cruel people.
  • But he wished he took care of his past soon enough to bring Ella to him sooner.
  • "Xander… Xander!" Xander was brought out of his thoughts by the concerned voice of his brother. Previous night was one emotional night for him. As time passed by, his apprehension grew and the only thought that was running in his mind was to get his Ella back.
  • Madonna visited Ella that morning when Xander has summoned her for a brief check up. He notified the witch how Ella cried in sleep when he was talking to her the previous night. Ella's tears shone hope in Xander but still he did not want to expect anything unless he was certain about it.
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