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Chapter 30

  • "Eh?" Ella frowned at the nonsensical words Xander has said. What does he mean he loves it that she has respect for her late husband?
  • "I mean to say, I love it that you still respect your first husband and was loyal to me and shall I warn you that I am a very, extremely a possessive man." Xander locked his eyes with Ella's with a clear warning in them.
  • Ella could see the of hell fire in his eyes which were telling her to look and him and only him. The red rim in his eyes was spreading over his orbs of eyes and instantly his eyes turned completely red and horrific.
  • Ella's throat constricted at the sight of red burning eyes that she once saw in the woods near the lake. Her face paled and her lungs thwarted the air.
  • "Your – Your eyes." She stammered. She wanted to scamper away from him but her hands lost any strength they had after looking at those red haunting eyes.
  • "Hmm, you remember them, don't you, love?" He chuckled, nuzzling her nose with his. "You have no notion what I had to do for you to be here, close to me, in my arms." Xander sniffed Ella's hair and hummed in ecstasy.
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