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Chapter 18

  • Lord Knight whistled to a happy tune and skipped to his room with light steps. He was in a joyous frame of mind. He wanted to smile and laugh and think about the silly things that made him pleased as well burn his skin with intense need.
  • Oh, what he would not give to get what he wants in next to no time possible.
  • He was waiting for the events to turn out as he planned from years and at last when it was happening one by one, he was getting impatient. Impatient to possess what was his and will be only his forever.
  • Few more days… just few more days, chanting, he pacified his crave.
  • "My Lord, the dinner is served hot and Miss. Garrick is waiting for you by now, sir." Lyndon expressed, skillfully buttoning down the Lord's cravat and pining the golden cufflinks in the right places.
  • "Very well, " Lord Knight sighed crisply. It was time to put the next part of the strategy into action.
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