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Chapter 49

  • His Lucky Lady.
  • Yes, that was what Ella was to Xander. His Lady Luck who brought him back from the death!
  • Who compelled even the Devil to be obliged to acknowledge her!
  • His lady luck and his only lady love!
  • A smile escaped on the saddened Xander's face when he looked at his life, who was his wife. He moved to her to the bed and knelt down on the ground, taking her fragile soft hand into his, rubbing it with both his hands.
  • "Xander didn't know – I mean, I did not know why I was given a second chance to live. I did not know who that special person was who the wonders to bring me backed to my life. Although I was very grateful to that person I was also curious as to know who it was." Xander stated to his wife, how he curious he was of the person who gave him a new life.
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