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Chapter 40

  • The Lord was grinning pleasantly but the evil satisfaction shining in his eyes was totally a different chapter. He was pleased with Lyndon's work.
  • The job he had given to Lyndon days ago has finally put into action. Shadowvalor, the place where Ella was put through hell was finally paying its price.
  • "Their establishments magically were set on fire but no one was seriously harmed." Lyndon's story brought a smile on his face.
  • Lord Knight was a person with a patience of a saint which was a curse to his enemies. The people he was eyeing to destroy were going to face many trials before breaking apart and it was exactly what the Lord was planning to do.
  • Break them but not kill.
  • "Ah, how soothing!" The Lord exclaimed mockingly and turned towards Lyndon who was smirking back. "I want them without shelter from here forth. If they make one, burn them. Where ever the people of Shadowvalor go, I want them under the naked sky with minimal food enough to keep them alive." The Lord was making certain the gift of ultimate patience he was gifted was used properly.
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