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Chapter 29

  • "Why would I ever be in dungeons?" Gode exclaimed with a knowing smile and pulled out from the hug. She walked towards the table and pulled the vanity chair near the dining table and sat on the other side. When she found Ella still standing by the door where she left her, she motioned her to take her seat.
  • "Why are you sitting here?" The Lord grumbled in annoyance and Gode could only chuckle at him.
  • Ella couldn't understand what was going on there. Why was Gode there and why was she so unaffected by the Lord.
  • "Ah, to have supper. I am already famished." Gode served generous amount of food on her plate and started eating it.
  • "This was supposed to be a supper for only newlyweds." The Lord groused again and his scowl deepened when Gode did not mind him much and continued swallowing the food. Ella, on the other side is as much confused as before as she still couldn't figure out what was actually conducting between the Lord and her friend.
  • Ella could only look at the both grumbling at each other and squabbling. Her husband surprised her when he pulled her chair near to his and assorted the delicacies in her plate.
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