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Chapter 14

  • Early sun rays peeked through the window making Blythe groan in her sleep. She was not a morning riser at all. She was pampered to do as she wishes by her father and that habit of hers can be overweighed when she was in the Knight castle.
  • The morning at the knight castle was buzzing with activity that needs to be completed before being pointed by their master. Cooks were already making breakfast to please their master like usual. Lyndon, the butler, was going through the morning logs of accounts of tenants and the land. Lucy was preparing toiletries for Blythe and went into the guest room to wake her up.
  • Lucy, for one, knows how her master was pressed on punctuality and discipline was the God he worships. So, it was a common knowledge for the castle help that Lord Knight can be a ruthless when it comes to time. He likes everything in order and he maintains that rule for himself too. Lucy was particularly busy that morning because she was to escort Miss Blythe to the breakfast table in time before Lord Knight arrives and it was already too late.
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