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Chapter 48

  • "Yo-u, Chief?" Alexander struggled to talk with the immense pain he was enduring. His body was not moving to his will and stilled paralyzed from the moment he was given the drug from the needle.
  • "Why?" He managed to ask, still struggling to move his body.
  • Chief Radburn smiled sardonically and knelt down before the unmoving body of Alexander while giving a small laugh of victory to Lord Knight.
  • "Because you were getting close to discover my secrets, just like your father." Chief Radburn replied harshly and patted Alexander's cheek, giving him a fake sorry look.
  • Alexander sucked the air in gasp when realization dawned onto him. "You killed my father?" He asked, several emotions gushing into him at a same time.
  • His face was getting red due to the struggle also due to the drug and his breath was coming short after every moment. Alexander wanted to fight, he wanted to kill the person who killed his father and who was pretending to be a good guy before others.
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