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Chapter 41

  • It was amusingly a silent supper the Knights castle had ever seen. There was love, affection, fire, insults and glares; all combined in one supper meal.
  • Later the day of Gode's arrival, she settled in the chamber she was allotted and right away went to meet her best friend whom she missed so dearly.
  • The bright smile on Ella's face was the evidence of her fruitful and happy marriage which made Gode to smile along thinking that her choice to help the Lord months back was a right judgment. Knowing many deep secrets of Xander, she was hesitant if she should allow the dangerous man to take her friend away but Gode also know that sometimes, demons are kinder than angels, and sometimes demons are what needed in life to change its course from worse to better.
  • Ella's bright smile and pleased eyes was the indication she needed. Her friend was happy and well treated and loved by the Lord and his staff.
  • But what Gode did not expect was the turn of cheerful moments into raging one when she reached the dining hall for the supper and was greeted by a certain long haired grey eyed silly man who has a smile that would make anyone aggravated to the point of death.
  • Alexavier!
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