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Bonus Chapter

  • Xander knew no bounds of delight when he first heard the news of his lovely wife carrying his baby. He was beyond happy that he paid handsome bonus for his staff.
  • Not only the Lord but the whole castle danced in ecstasy. The baby was the first harvest for a good change and he/she will be one great ruler to weed out all the ludicrous traditions.
  • People around Ella took care of her like she was made of breakable crystals while on the other side Xander hardly ever left Ella's side during the months of her pregnancy. When Xander couldn't be with her, Gode and Lucy would keep the company which, at several times, made Ella furious.
  • Though she liked having great attention of people around her, she was quite sensitive about it as well. It would sometimes suffocate her but she knew it was for her best that she was constantly in company of others. She knew that her husband and their family were being additionally protective after the experience of her almost death.
  • Surely fates have their own ways of balancing the elements in life. Xander and Ella were one good example of it; by the way they suffered and bloomed into beautiful flowers.
  • "How is she fairing up?" The Lord asked one of the midwives who were currently rushing around the chamber to deliver Ella's baby safely.
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