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Chapter 96

  • I had to agree to let him be in my mansion because I know It hurts her to see me with Jessica but I had no other choice because Jessica’s father was my business partner, knowing that I was single he wanted me to be his son in law.
  • I can't refuse him as we both were bound in a project and if I refused him he would step back from the project which can be a big loss to my business. Keeping that in mind, I said I wanted to grow a relationship with her first and later we will discuss the marriage, he agreed to that and from then I had to tolerate Jessica.
  • I know she was giving bitchy attitude towards Venessa, but I had to ignore her stupid behavior because of her father, I know that she lied that Venessa pushed her actually she wanted to push and make Venessa fall from stairs but instead of Venessa, she slipped and fell down from the stairs and broke her ankle.
  • While all this was happening in the mansion, I thought someone had to be with her, support her as I had to act to be with Jessica and support Jessica. Keeping all this in mind, I agreed to what Nikolai said to me. Every Time I saw them together I felt hurt and I had to convince myself that it's best for her to be with him, he is the one for her and she'll be happier with him than with me but that was the hardest part for me to take in.
  • The sound of someone pushing the door and walking inside made me snap back to reality, everyone was looking at Paul who was breathing hard as he ran for hours without stopping.
  • John immediately walked towards him and gave him a glass of water, he gulped it whole and took a deep breath before turning his head towards me, “Venessa called me before she went missing,” he said looking at me and Nikolai, we both looked at each other. Before I could ask him the question, Nikolai bet me and asked him,” What did she say to you?” he asked him as he stood up from the chair.
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