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Chapter 102

  • I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, You need to act like her now, Enzo. This is the only option you have now to know what she is up to. I thought to myself and opened my eyes and glanced at her with a smirk as one good idea stuck my mind, “I have a deal,” I said with a smirk playing on my lips, I watched her quietly as she strolled over the desk and sat on the edge of the desk resting her right leg over my left. “What made you think that I would listen to your deal,” she said with annoyance evident in her voice. “I know you would,” I said with a wider smirk on my face because I was making her irritated, She averted her gaze towards Seth, on the chair, “Tell me” she said in an uninteresting tone making me even happier that my idea was working. I began walking towards her, maintaining my charms to make her week and it was working, The look on her face was telling me that. As I was walking closer to Veness who was sitting on the desk, I felt something very strange. I don’t know why but I felt like this wasn’t Venessa! But still, I walked towards her, I stopped by just mere inches away from her, her beautiful baby brown eyes were staring right at mine, I moved closer and was about to place my hands on the desk, I stumbled and fell down on the floor right through her. I was shocked, I turned and looked up to see that it was a hologram. Nikolai ran towards me and helped me get up. John walked toward us and kicked something behind me. I turned back to see a big white wall falling down. It wasn’t a wall but a big white sheet behind that was the remaining part of the room filled with laptops and holograms installed on the walls. I was shocked to see them, “Boss, Boris was making Venessa do that, it was a live holographic function of Venessa… while you were looking at Seth she signaled me to look at the behind wall and I immediately understood that but kept quiet because we don’t know why she was doing that for Boris, and Seth is also with him... We need to save them both,” he said, I glanced at my behind and my worry for her and Seth increased. Before I could say anything, my men burst into the room with Boris in their hands. They were dragging him towards us, ”Boss we found him running from the back door of the mansion,” James said pushing him forward towards us, Nikolai immediately grabbed his collar and made him up straight, “Where are they?” he asked, Boris laughed evilly, “Do you really think I would tell you, my little boy,” he said in a moving tone looking at Nikolai, Nikolai pulled him close to his face, “Tell me or else I’ll forget that you are my father,” he warned him but Boris did not even look scared, his expressions made me lose it and I lunged at him punching him right on his jaw again and again. “You son of a bitch, how dare you to kidnap her!” I said punching him, I stood up and made him stand up by pulling him by the collar. I threw him to James who caught him, before I could open my mouth and say something Nikolai’s man walked inside with the laptop, “Boss, they are taking her somewhere,” he said, showing the laptop to us. I turned towards James, “Cut his wrists and tie him upside down to the ceiling,” I said, “Okay boss,” he said, pushing him forward, “Let’s go,” I said to Nikolai and we began walking out of the room, as I was walking through the hallway my mind was running around her. I couldn’t believe Boris went to this extent to hurt me. For the first time, I was scared, scared to think if she was okay or not, looking at the whole set up of the holograms in the room nothing other than her face ran in my mind. I will save you my puppy, I will… Please keep her safe god, please… I began praying to god while walking towards our cars, Paul started the engine as soon as we sat in the car. According to the signal on the laptop, they stopped somewhere and I think it’s not so far from here. I was very impatient to find her and have her back in my arms, her touch, her face everything. I’m craving for her. The car stopped at a big empty building, I looked at the entrance and saw a black car parked. The way it was parked one can easily say that it was parked in a hurry. We got out of the car and I glanced at the building, it was burnt from outside. It looked like a big fire accident happened here before which made the building walls black color. We rushed towards the entrance, the lobby was empty and there was no sign of any human being, “Boss, the signal!” John said pointing upwards, we ran towards the stairs and climbed them in a hurry. I was so afraid to lose her that I was climbing the stairs like a mad man and in just five minutes I was on the 5th floor, the top floor of the building.
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