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Chapter 90

  • As I was sleeping peacefully, I felt a big hand with long fingers moving on my stomach. I moved my body back and placed my arm around Enzo's neck, I inhaled his intoxicating smell which made me relaxed.
  • His hand moved slowly to the bra, his long finger traced the lower curve of my breast. Instantly my breathing began to fasten, his fingers moved up to my nipple, and moved in a circle on my nipple.
  • His other hand reached the back of my bra and unclasped the bra strips, I bra went loose. He removed my bra and gripped my free breast in his hand and kneaded it. A moan escaped my mouth as he gripped my nipple while rubbing his thumb over it.
  • I bit my lower lip to suppress another moan which was threatening to come out. His hand began moving down, and he began placing wet kisses on my neck. My hands gripped his hair and moved my head aside giving him more, His hand moved down to my stomach.
  • My breathing hitched when his hand moved under my panty, he slowly moved to my pussy tracing my pussy folds with his long fingers.
  • My eyes fluttered open when I felt his lips launched on my pussy, I moaned while gripping his hair. I peeked at his face and completely disappeared into my pussy, sucking and licking my pussy hole.
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