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Chapter 63

  • We continued kissing each other; he was shirtless and I was only on my inners, his body on mine, touching every single part. I can feel his bulge on my belly, and electricity is shooting all over my body. We parted and stared into each other's eyes; I pressed my head against his lips whispering "Stay…"raising my head to look into his eyes, "Please." I whispered almost like pleading with him not to leave me.
  • He bent down and slowly claimed my lips and it was the answer to my request. His kiss went soft and sweet to hot and intense, he reached my bra straps and opened it letting my breasts out freely. He took hold of one of my breasts and massaged it very, very slowly while rubbing his thumb on my nipple. I reached down while looking me in the eye, I stared back as he placed my breast into his mouth and sucked my nipple.
  • My head fell back while I moaned out loud, he softly bites my nipple making me moan even louder than before. My hands were on his hair gripping hard making him explore more while his hands were on my waist. He let go of my breasts and placed wet kisses on my neck, neckbones, chest, stomach, belly button, and he stopped making me look at him. He was staring into my eyes while taking my panty off my body, without breaking the eye contact he bent down and kissed my belly which made my hip rise up and chest rise up and down, he softly bit my pussy fold and sucked it. He placed his hands on either side on my hips putting me in place.
  • He licked my pussy over and over again; his head disappeared in my pussy. I sucked, bit and licked my pussy. I closed and bit my lower lip as he kissed my hole. As he sucked my pussy hole the sensitive feeling turned into intense hunger. Over and over he sucked, kissed and bit my clit until I cum all over his face. All this while he had maintained eye contact with me, without breaking it he put his finger into his mouth and sucked it. He slowly reached my clit, and he slowly pushed it inside my pussy causing me to buck.
  • I gripped the sheets on both sides of me as I moved my body against his finger making his finger find its way deeper inside me. Soon I cum again on his fingers; he removed it from my dripping wet clit to his mouth and licked it clean without breaking eye contact.
  • He quickly removed his pants and climbed on me; he reached his manhood and took it in his hands, he carefully placed it in my clit and moved very slowly. His manhood entered inside me as I felt a little pain.
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