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Chapter 83

  • Venessa's P.o.v.
  • I was staring at Enzo who was closing the door while glaring at me, It made me scared to death. I didn't let that show on my face, I tried to be calm and face him without any nervousness.
  • As I stared at him blankly, he walked towards me like a predator. His eyes were sharp and very intensely staring at me, It made my legs weak like jelly. I stood still with a blank expression on my face, I didn't let his intimidation work on me.
  • He stopped just a mere inch away from me, I had to look all the way up at him. He stared at me for a sec and grabbed my jaw roughly, I winced at the pain. He bent down until his lips slightly touched my right ear, "Don't think everything is back to normal… I don't consider you as my wife...Even if we are married," He said, I gulped hard and tried to hold my tears.
  • "I moved on… you should too," He said as he pushed me back. I stumbled back, I controlled myself not to cry in front of him as I looked at him, "Take your things from here, Judy will show you your room," He said, I stared at his green once familiar eyes but strangely they don't feel familiar anymore to me.
  • They don't hold anything they once held for me, there was no love, no adoration, nothing just empty. Tears started rolling in my eyes as I felt like I lost him. As I stared into his eyes, there was a sudden change in his eyes when he noticed the tears in my eyes. If I'm correct, I clearly saw the worry in those green orbs. His eyebrows moved closer to each other clearly indicating that he's worried.
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