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Chapter 75

  • His eyebrows and his features moved back to normal when he noticed my condition. He raised his hand to touch my cheek, but suddenly someone grabbed my wrist. I turned to see Nikolai. His face radiated fury, his clenched jaw, furrowed eyebrows, and his grip on my hand. 
  • I glanced back at Enzo, he was staring at our hands and his jaw clenched. Gritting his teeth, "leave!" He said. I tried to get my hand out of Nikolai's hold, but his grip was hard. 
  • In the gap, George tried to get up but both Nikolai and Enzo pulled their guns out and pointed at him. I was standing in between them, scared and my body shaking terribly. Enzo was pointing the gun at George with his left hand and Nikolai with his right. 
  • Turning to me, Enzo took my hand in his and pulled me to him. But Nikolai didn't leave my hand. Enzo glared at him and said, "Leave Vasiliev!" He said in a low and dangerous voice. 
  • "She's coming with me,!" He said, holding my wrist firmly. In just swift motion, Enzo's gun was pointing at Nikolai and Nikolai's to him. All the bodyguards of Enzo were pointing their guns to Nikolai's men. 
  • I quickly turned to Enzo; my heart was beating rapidly against my ribcage. I looked into his eyes and pulled my hand out of his grip. "You don't have any right to touch me!" Tears were rolling in my eyes as I turned my back to him and lowered my head. Nikolai took hold of my hand and pulled me with him. I walked behind him quietly, my head automatically turned back and looked at him. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I registered his defeated face. Hurt and pain were evident in his eyes. 
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