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Chapter 58

  • I was standing on the seashore, waves touching my feet as a cool breeze touched my body. The view of the blue sky and the sound of waves were all I could see and hear. It was very peaceful. "Venessa," called someone and I turned around to see Enzo. He was dressed in a black shirt and grey polo trousers, walking towards me he extended his hands to me. I gladly accepted it and we both walked side by side with my hands in his, my head on his shoulder.
  • "I love you," He said kissing my head, I looked up at him and asked "do you really love me" He stared at me like he was memorizing every part of my face, "In my entire life I have met many people but barely had any emotion for them but with you, everything is different from the moment we've met you have captured my heart, my soul and it terrifies me to live without you even for a second, I love you, I love you so much, I just want to love you and be naked with you today, tomorrow and for rest of my life. Don't leave me alone, and I can't see myself without you, Even my shadow and my reflection reminds me of you"He said while he took my hand in his and placed it on his chest,
  • "This heart only beats for you, It'll stop the moment you leave me." He said, staring into his eyes, I stared back into his green eyes. I moved my face closer to his, and my lips claimed his. My hands reached his neck and wrapped around it, and I kissed him as my entire life depends on it. He wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me even closer to him.
  • ****
  • I opened my eyes quickly and looked around, taking a deep breath. I sat up and looked around to see Dimitri sleeping peacefully on my sofa.
  • "It's just a dream Ven no need to worry, he's a liar and Whatever he said is bullshit," I said to myself but deep down I was disappointed that it was a dream. I got up from my bed and slowly tiptoed to the door without making any sounds. I opened it and stepped outside; I walked to the kitchen. The lights inside the house were off, and it was dark, it was scary. While I'm walking through the corridor, I saw the study room light was on, and I walked towards it. While I'm walking closer to the room, I hear voices coming out of it, I stand outside leaning my head over the door.
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