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Chapter 45

  • I reached her hand and squeezed it, “Can you tell me what happened to them” I asked looking at her, she slowly nodded.
  • “My sister Milina is kind like you, she is outgoing and a very strong woman. She was close to Enzo more than me, he loved her so much like she is his second mother, my brother Damien was very protective towards us, he loved and protected us, my father was a businessman and a mafia leader, he wanted Damien to take his position after him, but Damien wasn’t interested in that but Enzo was interested in these things, then father trained him. Enzo was a good man he never killed a soul or hurt anyone.
  • After he had taken his father’s place in business, he became very powerful and famous, people started feeling jealous of him, his enemies used to plan against him all the time and always gets defeated by Enzo. Enzo was very kind towards his staff and employees, and my father often gets worried about Enzo’s kindness towards workers and business partners.
  • He many times tried to explain to Enzo that showing kindness to employees would lead them to take advantage of him someday but my brother never listened to my father. One day we brothers and sisters came to Italy for vacation, because of the weather we landed in Italy but not on our Island, we were in our car travelling to our home and suddenly something hit us, our bodyguards helped us and guarded us against one of the Enzo’s mafia enemies who couldn’t take his success and planned to kill us all, our men were protecting us against those men who were shooting at us, I was younger among us.
  • My brother Damien gave me to one of our trusted men and made him hide me in a store behind a house. Our bodyguards were protecting my siblings, those men killed our bodyguards and kidnapped Damien and Milina along with Enzo, they took them to an old underground basement near our Island. They tied Enzo to a wall and beat Damien until he breathed his last breath and They raped Milena, every one of those men raped her in front of Enzo and brutally killed her in front of him.
  • When father went there, Damien and Milena’s bodies were lying on the ground and Enzo was beaten up very badly, he was fully covered in blood, we thought we will lose him too. But he was strong, he survived.[A lone tear slipped from my eyes, listening to his past] He searched for those bastards and learned that one of his business partners took advantage of his kindness and helped my brother’s enemies in their plan so that he could ruin the business and get his money. Enzo killed him and those bastards one by one mercilessly, from then he changed into the way he is now, ruthless, merciless and cold. The good in him is gone, it is replaced by anger and hatred...[wiping her tears, she looked at me and took my hand in hers.] I think you can change him Venessa, not only me my mom and dad also think the same.
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