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Chapter 91

  • Present...
  • My lips moved upward when I saw her gawking at Nikolai, "bitch," my mind screamed. I sat beside Nikolai, he turned to me, "Good morning" he greeted me while looking at me with a smile on his face and completely ignored Jessica.
  • I smiled at him, "Good morning," greeted back and turned towards Roman, "Good morning, Roman."
  • He turned to me, "Good morning, Venessa" he greeted with a smile on his face.
  • I turned my head to Jessica who was glaring at me with her hateful eyes, I ignored her gare and smirked at her while taking my plate.
  • Judy immediately walked with breakfast and severed us all. While I was having my breakfast, I noticed Enzo walking down the stairs and walking towards the dining table.
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