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Chapter 100

  • I glanced at the building and sighed, “Fine!, what’s the plan,” I asked, I was very impatient to go inside and get my Venessa back.
  • “Boss, you’ve already been hit, we will cover you and Nikolai’s men will wipe Boris’s men out…(he glazed at the laptop.) as per the tracker… Venessa is…. On the top floor,” he said, I glanced at Nikolai to see whether he was okay with the plan! Even though he seems okay to me, I asked, “What do you think?” he looked at me for a sec without saying anything and slowly began nodding his head, “It’s good, but our first priority is Venessa, we should first find her and get her out of this place and then our men will find where Boris is! We will come back and kill him… and I will also cover you, My men will wipe them out,” he said while opening the car door. I didn’t know how to react to his words but I knew he would die for me since he’s my brother.
  • I opened the door and walked around the car, immediately my men and Nikolai surrounded me. It was an old country place, there was an old garden and the double-storey building looked years old and it was so silent, there were no houses for miles, basically it was a deserted area with no population at all. Nikolai’s men shot the guys who were standing out the main door and the ones roaming around the house, guarding it with the silencers. As the entrance was clear, we walked towards the entrance. Nikolai stopped at the entrance and signaled his men to check inside, his men obeyed his order. They went inside and after a few minutes they signaled us to come inside, we walked inside and I noticed the dead bodies around, Nikolai’s men impressed me. Now I understand why Boris asked him for his men, they’re good at this work and they blindly follow their leader’s orders.
  • There were stairs at the corner of the living room, we quietly walked towards the stairs and climbed them, we reached the first floor and surprisingly the floor was empty. This shows how stupid he was, he kidnapped my wife and very well knows that I’ll find him and still he chooses to put only a few security guards. Wait, he knew I'll come after him and now he chose only these? This is suspicious, “Nik!” I whispered and called him, he turned to me, “what?” he asked while looking around.
  • “This is suspicious, there are no guards here!” he said, but looking at his expression I understood that he didn’t get what I said,
  • “He knew we would come after him, still he chose this place with no guards?” he said looking around, checking if any guards were present on this floor but no one was found.
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