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Chapter 85

  • I woke up feeling sunlight on my face, I moved my pillow over my face and tried to block the sunlight but eventually got up from my bed.
  • I walked into the washroom and did my morning routine. I took a cold shower and dressed up, so I decided to go to college. I want to meet my friends, and I want to meet Aron, it's been days that I haven't seen him.
  • I'm very excited to see them all. I quickly combed my hair and set my college bag as I took it with me and walked downstairs.
  • As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed Enzo and Jessica having their breakfast. I tried to ignore all the things that happened last night and quietly pulled the chair out and sat down.
  • I could feel two pairs of eyes watching me, but I ignored them and took my plate. Immediately Judy walked towards me and served me breakfast. I completely ignored Enzo's intense glare on me as I ate my breakfast calmly. After having my breakfast, I took my plate and walked toward the sink. Judy took it from my hand and placed it in the dishwasher.
  • I walked back to the living room and took my bag, I turned around and came face to face with Enzo. He was staring at me with his hands inside his pockets, I moved aside and tried to walk past him but he caught my wrist and stopped me. I glanced at his handhold and tried to pull my hand off his hold, but his grip was strong.
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