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Chapter 72

  • "Enzo," I whispered while looking at him talking to the woman. He was smiling, and I saw that he was…happy. The spark in his eyes, while he was talking to her, was visible from where I'm sitting. It made me turn my head in another direction so that I couldn't see them. I hid my tears from the people around me. The hurt was hurtful for me to control. I had been waiting for him for days and now I see him with another woman, Smiling and enjoying her company. It hurts, It hurts so much. I gripped the hem of my dress tightly to control myself. I tried to forget that I'd seen him here with other women.
  • I tried so hard to erase it from my mind but it keeps on popping in my head. My head was burning with all the thoughts of him with her living happily in his mansion. I don't know why but all this stupid thought running in my head. I tried to convince myself that, No, she might be his friend or relative. But my mind refuses to believe it.
  • "Venessa?" I turned to the one who called and saw Penelope looking at me with a worried expression on her face. I instantly gave her a fake smile and tried to hide my misery. "Yes?" I asked, maintaining my fake smile.
  • "Are you...okay?" She said, eyeing me with concern.
  • "Yeah, I'm Okay," I said and quickly turned the other way to hide my face from her. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I closed my eyes to stop my tears.
  • The auction had started, and everyone's attention was completely on the man speaking on the stage but mine was struck on Lorenzo. Was she the reason he didn't come to me? But I'm his wife, How can he move on with other women? All these questions were burning my head, I couldn't control my tears anymore. I stood up and excused myself. I walked towards the restroom still holding my tears. I entered inside and walked to the last one, I stepped inside it and closed the door. I leaned my back to the door and my tears burst out, I placed my hands over my mouth making sure to suppress my loud sobs. I sobbed and sobbed until there were no tears left.
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