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Chapter 55 Heartache

  • Venessa POV.
  • I hear some noises nearby, and I slowly tried to open my eyes, A sudden surge of pain rushed to my entire body as I felt like waking up from a heavy slumber. My hands automatically reached my head, rubbing my forehead to ease the pain, but it's not stopping. Memories flashed through my mind as I remember running from Enzo's mansion and stopping at the park.
  • I looked around and found myself lying on a bed covered by a soft mattress in an empty room; it was bigger than my entire house. The walls of the room were grey. The bed I'm laying on was a white-tufted king-size bed that had beige sheets, pillows, and cushions covering it from everywhere. I looked down at myself and found myself in the same dress that I was wearing before I lost my consciousness. I remember a bodyguard injecting me; I have seen him somewhere but couldn't recognize him.
  • I sat up and pushed my hair back. Everything that happened in the mansion rushed back to me, his lies, setups, manipulation, and I feel betrayed by him. There are no words to describe my pain, That day when he saved me from Brian I felt that he was my saviour, I couldn't believe that the whole thing was a setup. Tears were streaming down my eyes while I feel shattered and broken into a million pieces.
  • Every detail of what happened was etched into my brain like an Etch, and a Sketch, except if it was shaken, I'm more than sure that the memories would remain. I feel stupid to trust him; I hate myself for believing everything that happened between us naturally occurred. He was my sunshine, the one for whom I lit from the inside. I used to feel a frisson of love, even if my thoughts turned his way for only a moment. The image of his face once conjured my smile; I would yearn to dive into his eyes. I have done anything he asked, given him whatever he wished for.
  • And All along he was fooling me, lying to me, playing with my emotions like I'm a fucking toy. Why didn't I listen to beth and Zach, every single time they tried to warn me about him, but I choose to ignore him? I'm the only reason behind my heartache, and I was stupid enough to be played by him. This heartbreak feels cold. It feels like concrete drying in my chest.
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