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Chapter 54 Reality Check

  • Remond, Continued.
  • "Every single thing that happened in your life was perfectly planned by him. I tried to tell you this on that day when I told you to meet me, but I noticed his bodyguards around our school in normal clothes. That's the reason why I gave tasks So that one of us can tell you this without Enzo's Knowledge, I wanted you to be far from him by doing that task. But eventually, you would go back to him, every single plan failed, I even came to your home to tell you but I saw John there and left your house without telling you anything. He fooled you, Ness. Yes, He loved you, He loves you so much that he ripped that guy Anderson's heart out for touching you, but he planned things which made you go closer to him, He used us all in the process" Remond said, pointing at Enzo.
  • I collapsed on the ground, Enzo was the first to reach me. He touched my shoulder, I shoved his hand away. I looked at him, There was hurt in his eyes. I slapped him on his right cheek, "Don't you dare fucking touch me" I said with venom, I stood up, He moved back and touched his cheek where I just slapped him.
  • "Vannesa please listen to me, I..." He tried to say but I cut him off,
  • "No .. Please...No" I sobbed,
  • I couldn't say anything, my body was numb. My hands were shaking and I felt like I would collapse anytime, tearing were streaming down my face. My breathing was unstable, Only one thing was running in my mind.
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