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Chapter 48 Threatened By The Little Woman

  • “W.. what sur... Surprise?” I shuttered, my hand was shaking in his hand, His hold tightened and the look on his face was mocking me.
  • “Oh... No.. don't be scared, you’ll love it,” he said, smirking at me in a low voice. I was scared, these days he isn’t himself, and it’s scaring me. I licked my lips looking away from him. I was scared. I don’t want to find out what’s in that room, I just want to leave this place. I don’t want this, I want to have my space. His hold on my waist tightened, I hissed and looked up at him. He was angry. His eyebrows hitched in anger. “Don't. Do. That.” He said pressing every word in a very intimidating attitude, I lowered my head.
  • We danced in silence, he raised my hand and slowly spun me around, my back against his chest, his arms around me, my breath hitched feeling his erection against my back, I feel his breath against my neck. “Do you feel that?” He whispered in a husky voice, “This is what you do by doing that” he whispered, I gulped hard, I was controlling myself very badly. His manhood was poking my back. I took a deep breath and moved back, pressing my back to his manhood.
  • I’ve decided to show him I have an upper hand in this. I wanted to see how he can control himself. I want to test him. I want to see whether he wants to punish me for doing this. I moved slowly, rubbing my back against his manhood. I can feel him taking a sharp intake, the song was playing slowly.
  • His arms around me tightened, pressing my back against his manhood. This was turning me on, I was controlling myself not to rip his clothes off his body and put his dick deep inside my dripping wet sex, I feel his breath near my ear, “What happen?... Though you don’t want this” He whispered sarcastically, I quickly came to my senses and turned my head back to look at him, He was smirking at me.
  • Fuck...Venessa can’t you just control your fucking hormones, what the fuck is wrong with you.
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