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Chapter 39 Pycho Killer

  • //Flashback Continuation//
  • I was stunned, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I couldn't see anything. Her face, Her smile, Her voice, everything was Flashing in my mind.
  • "" I asked with a shaking voice, he shrugs like it was nothing.
  • Suddenly, his face was inches far from me, his hand gripping my hair making me look at him.
  • "I told you not to say anything about us, but you slut said every single thing to her, what do you think I won't know what you did behind my back [He slapped on my cheek.] you actually thought to complain about me with your little bitch to the police, Now you see what happened, because of YOU!! She's died [He shouted on my face] because of YOU!!! I had to kill her," he slapped hard on my cheek, "Because of YOU!!! I'm a murderer now, you bitch," he slapped me again,
  • "Now I can not wait until you are 18, I have to make you mine, you are becoming smarter day by day," with that he ripped my clothes, I was begging to stop, "No..please...Stop...I won't do that again...Please.No..."
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