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Chapter 35 Beautiful Moments

  • It was dark, we reached the Island. We walked out of the harbor, it was cold my body was shivering. Enzo removed his coat and placed it over me, I clenched to it, there was a limo waiting for us. We climbed inside, outside of was dark and we passed through the thick forest, after 20 minutes of driving the car stopped. We stepped out of the limo, and my mouth hangs open looking at the big mansion in front of me. It was at top of the hill, it was a square-foot, five-floor mansion other than the main house there were two guest houses located on either side, there was a big garage, it can hold at least 50 cars.
  • Enzo put his hand on the small of my back leading me to the entrance, bodyguards were guarding either side of the entrance. One of them opened the big door, we walked inside the mansion into a very big hall. There were big sofas, a huge dining table. "Ragazzo Mio," [my boy ] exclaimed a woman in her early 40s, walking towards us opening her arms. Enzo walked to her hugging her, she was tall beautiful with black hair like Enzo.
  • "è passato molto tempo,"[It's been so long] she said, releasing him. Kissing him on his forehead, I couldn't understand anything because I don't speak Italian, I have to learn it. It's my first priority now, she noticed me.
  • "Oh dear, where are my manners? My name is Andrea Francisco Enzo's mom" hugging me
  • "I'm Venessa Foster nice to meet you, Mrs.Francisco. This is for you, its a thank you gift for having us over, Enzo said you love sunflowers" I said, giving her sunflowers which I brought for her from the store without Enzo's knowledge. Yeah, he didn't tell me that, Judy informed me that Andera loves sunflowers.
  • " Don't be formal now, you can call me Andrea and I love this sunflower there going to join my garden, Thank you, dear," she said admiring sunflowers.
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