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Chapter 30 She's Mine

  • Lorenzo's P.O.V.
  • I reached the location John sent me, it was an old abandoned apartment building, it was held under tight security.
  • "Don't worry, stay here. We'll wipe out the building in a second. Just don't come out of the car," Seth said and stepped out of the car. I watched them killing every single guard at the building, and I'm very proud of my men. They are perfect working under me, every single person who opposed me or stood against me were killed brutally by my men.
  • No one ever betrayed me, and every single person was trustworthy in my team, They'll even sacrifice themselves for me.
  • "Mate, you can come inside, it's clean," he said through Bluetooth, and I stepped outside as my bodyguards covered me. I walked inside the building, and it was clean. Nobody or blood was found, I smirked.
  • That's my man.
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