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Chapter 28 Note

  • We reached my school, and I looked outside and saw through the window that everyone was looking at us. I turned and looked at Enzo, glaring at him. He was smirking, he opened the car door and stepped, outside walked around and opened my car extending his hand, I was frowning at him, taking his hand I stepped out.
  • Everyone was looking at us, whispering among themselves, some were taking photos of us, some were glaring at me, some were drooling over Enzo. He walked me towards the entrance, kissing me on my head, he smirked at my shocked expression.
  • He walked back to the car, left me in this fucking situation. Everyone was looking at me with questioning eyes, and I lowered my head and walked to my locker.
  • I turned around, Beth was standing there, folding her hands, with a raised eyebrow.
  • With a confused expression, "What? " I asked,
  • "What was that?" She said,
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