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Chapter 15 His Ignorance

  • I started searching for Seth.
  • Seth Adams is one of The four; He's tall, Attractive, Hot. He got blue eyes, a square Sharp jawline, a pointed nose, thick eyebrows, thin pink lips.
  • In my school The football team is like the heart of the system, Not only they are players, but also talented, and not to mention so damn hot But The four is everyone's Love. They get everyone's attention, girls Drool over them all the time. All four of them are from England. They got this sexy British accent and are major Playboys. But from what I know Seth doesn't ignore the attention he gets to like the rest of them does.
  • He gives friendly hugs, allows them to take photos with him, gives autographs, talks to them and sometimes goes out to have some coffee or food. He does enjoy bullying others like his friends. I couldn't find Seth anywhere so why waste my time on it.
  • I want to complete my homework on time so, I took my bag with me and went to the library. I walked to my favourite spot in the library; it was at the end of the library, students normally don't come to this part of the library, it's a perfect place for me to do my work without interruption.
  • I got to finish my homework, because of yesterday's events I couldn't complete my homework, I kept my legs on the chair in front of me and made myself comfortable enough to begin my work.
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