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Chapter 95 Take Me To See Him

  • Ji Yiqing revealed a smile. Her exquisite makeup looked particularly good underneath the romantic lighting and her entire body screamed, 'money'. She pushed away her chair and stood up. She then raised an eyebrow and walked towards Yan Anmo.
  • Yan Anmo did not like the look of this. She couldn't even hide if she wanted to now.
  • "Is that your boyfriend?" Ji Yiqing glanced at Su Ci arrogantly. "You're quite handsome."
  • Yan Anmo did not look at her and pretended not to hear a thing.
  • But, Ji Yiqing waved her hand and the waiter added an extra chair for her sit down next to Yan Anmo.
  • "Take me to see Xi Zhiheng." Ji Yiqing withdrew her smile and crossed her arms, like no one was allowed to oppose her.
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