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Chapter 455 Meeting

  • “That’s a good idea; this scandal will follow her everywhere she goes. By that time, no one will want her again no matter what she does.”
  • Liu Yue smiled when she heard that. As the sound of coffee beans being grinded could be heard throughout the room, she then said, “Besides college, I’ll spread the gossip around the entertainment industry too; I’ll never let her have the chance to regain her reputation ever again.”
  • “I find your idea interesting.” Ji Yiqing held out her hand and picked up a glass of water from the table; she turned around and gazed at a faraway building with a chillaxed look on her face.
  • “Following that, it’ll be her personal relationships. I hope that she will continue to stay with Xi Zhiheng; it’ll be great if she doesn’t have the chance to appear in front of the man I love at all,” Liu Yue said coldly. However, Ji Yiqing protested immediately when she heard that.
  • “No, I don’t agree with that. She has to break up with Xi Zhiheng,” said Ji Yiqing. Noticing that Liu Yue did not say anything, she continued, “I did everything with just one purpose—that is to make them break up with each other; this is the only thing I care about. Therefore, I don’t agree with what you said just now.”
  • Liu Yue frowned; she didn’t expect the both of them to have a disagreement on this. She took a glass and put the hand-grinded coffee powder in it. Holding the glass in one of her hands, she walked toward the sofa before talking into the phone that she held in another hand. “Ms. Ji, I can’t believe we’re having a disagreement on this problem. You might not know about this, but Yan Anmo has been pestering the man I love lately, and his family is troubled by her as well. Hence, we hope that the woman will disappear from our sight for good, and that she will never appear again; the best way to ensure that is to make her leave with another man.”
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