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Chapter 472 Feeling Pleased

  • Catching the bizarre, triumphant look on Madam Su’s face, Yan Anmo realized her palm was going to hit her face any second now. Just as she decided to crouch down to avoid the attack, her waist was wrapped around by someone’s arm, and a loud smack rang out through the air.
  • In the air, a strong, slender hand seized Madam Su’s wrist tightly; the hand came fast yet it was strong and steady.
  • Frightened as he was unable to block the attack in time for Yan Anmo earlier, a wave of relief washed over Su Ci. He took several steps forward and pushed his mother behind him.
  • “Uncle Seven,” Yan Anmo mumbled in shock when she turned and looked up at the man who was wearing a somber expression.
  • Xi Zhiheng gave Yan Anmo a gentle glance before shooting a penetrating stare at Madam Su, whose hostility had toned down substantially.
  • “Madam Su, I finally have the honor to meet you after hearing so much about you.” Flinging Madam Su’s hand downward forcefully, he continued, “I can see that you’re bullying my girl. Madam Su, do you think you can handle the consequences of doing that?”
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