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Chapter 483 Announce

  • Yan Anmo shook her head and nodded at Liu Yue. “I’m fine. Just slightly out of breath since I’ve stopped jogging for such a long time.”
  • “I think the soup I made is ready. I’ll ask the maid to bring it up to you later.” Madam Feng walked over to Yan Anmo and felt her forehead, concerned. Her actions were quite sudden, so Yan Anmo couldn’t react in time. “Nothing serious, and you’re not sweating too much.”
  • They were so close to each other, and Yan Anmo stared at Madam Feng in a daze. In the eyes of this elegant middle-aged woman, she could see the reflection of her small figure, and it seemed like it was being surrounded by layers of love.
  • “I-I’ll go upstairs now.” Feeling uneasy, Yan Anmo quickly turned away and inched to the side before walking up the stairs.
  • “Remember to take a hot bath first.” Madam Feng’s voice followed Yan Anmo’s figure into the bedroom.
  • Liu Yue raised her head and looked at Madam Feng again. Then, she stepped forward and asked, “Madam Feng, what happened between you and Yan Anmo?” She came today because she received news that Yan Anmo was now staying at the Feng Residence. She planned to say something initially, but somehow, she felt like there was something strange with the way they interacted with each other. Why did they act like they were mother and daughter?
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