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Chapter 93 Trust

  • Yan Anmo waited for a long time but she did not receive an answer. She couldn't help but laugh. She couldn't believe she was actually anticipating something. What a joke!
  • She opened her eyes and tried to push Xi Zhiheng away. "Let me go," she said coldly.
  • "Trust me one more time," Xi Zhiheng could not bear to let her go. It wasn't easy to hug her like this, how could he let go.
  • "How do you expect me to trust you?" Yan Anmo forced herself to remain calm. But, it was useless. Her mind was still a mess and a voice was desperately telling her not to ever leave these arms.
  • "I have one last thing to do, everything will pass, believe me," Xi Zhiheng always thought that actions spoke louder than words, but he didn't know that what Yan Anmo needed the most, was an explanation that could put her heart at ease.
  • "You said you would never abandon me, but what did you do?"
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