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Chapter 89 Injured Leg

  • "Su Ci..." Yan Anmo felt her heart in her throat. "Stop...stop!"
  • She knew her shouts were of no use, but she wanted to shout and even run in there to pull Su Ci's car out!
  • His car was clearly on fire, but why wasn't he stopping?
  • "Calm down, he's not stopping because he's fine!" Zhang Cheng was actually anxious too, but he knew he had to remain calm when he saw that Yan Anmo was scared. He had to keep the situation under control.
  • Yan Anmo's nose tingled, "Wasn't this mean to be a friendly match? Why is he still continuing like this...?"
  • "I'm guessing the red and black car said something to provoke Su Ci. Otherwise, he would not try so hard." Zhang Cheng had witnessed a similar scene before. Back then, nothing happened to Su Ci but he still got hurt a little.
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