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Chapter 78 Fever

  • "You don't have to be so polite, we are good friends!" Su Ci said, deliberately dragging out the words, 'good friends', with a laugh. After spending a few seconds as girlfriend and boyfriend, they were now good friends. That was not bad.
  • "It's really not necessary for you to accompany me," Yan Anmo said with slight discomfort. She still hadn't pulled her mind away from her encounter with Xi Zhiheng yet so she wanted to return to her dorm and calm down as soon as possible.
  • When he heard her tone, Su Ci froze for a moment. The atmosphere was a little awkward.
  • "That's right, let me give you something before you leave," Su Ci clapped his hands as he suddenly remembered something.
  • Yan Anmo turned and looked at him.
  • "Ta-da!" Su Ci grinned as he pulled a medal out of nowhere and showed it to Yan Anmo. "It's for you!"
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