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Chapter 77 Relief

  • "Look at you. You can only make 1000 yuan a month. I'm afraid even three meals a day is difficult for you. Do the maths yourself." Seeing that Yan Anmo was ignoring him, Manager Wang felt slightly deflated, but he was even more unwilling to give up.
  • The worst thing was, everyone was waiting to laugh at him. If he couldn't win over Yan Anmo, he would become a joke.
  • "Manager Wang, can't you see that she's ignoring you?"
  • "Young Master Xi suddenly showed up today, so something big must be about to happen. Why aren't you eavesdropping instead of pestering Yan?"
  • "Aren't you afraid that Young Master Xi will hear you trying to force yourself onto a woman during work hours?" The female colleague couldn't stand it anymore. She saw that Yan Anmo was still young and couldn't help but speak up for her.
  • Yan Anmo looked at her thankfully.
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