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Chapter 72 Fish Soup

  • Su Ci shoved his hands stubbornly in his pockets as he reasoned, "Zhang Cheng and I are the same. If he can eat with you, then I can eat with you too."
  • Yan Anmo was helpless, but she couldn't pick out any faults in his words so she decided not to respond.
  • Su Ci walked Yan Anmo back to her dormitory, but to her surprise, she saw a familiar figure at the gate.
  • Ji Yiqing was wearing an expensive custom-made dress and sunglasses as she stood at the gate impatiently. It seemed, she had been waiting for a long time, so she was beginning to get angry.
  • Yan Anmo pretended not to see her as she bid farewell to Su Ci and headed through the gate. But, even though she pretended not to see Ji Yiqing, it didn't mean that Ji Yiqing didn't see her.
  • "Stop!" Ji Yiqing called out.
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